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Which massage is best for you?

Relaxation, Remedial, Hot Stone and Corporate Massage are all available depending on your needs. See below for more information or get in touch if you have any further questions or to book a treatment.

Yes! Health Insurance Rebates are available. Bring your health insurance card to swipe in clinic for instant claiming. Check with your provider as not all services are covered by all funds.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

There’s nothing like a relaxation massage to help you unwind, letting the stress and worries of the day float away.

If you are feeling tired, stressed, muscle-sore, or simply need some indulging time, we can personalise a treatment to suit your needs.

Whether a full body pamper treatment is in order, or if a few key areas are calling out to you for attention, you are sure to float out feeling amazing.

90 mins $160, 60 mins $120, 45 mins $100, 30 mins express $80

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage will treat the cause, not just the symptom of your discomfort to feel better for longer!

We work with you to meet your individual needs and focus on the areas that you need to feel or function better.  Whether you have a sore back, shoulder pain, headaches or can’t move or bend as freely as you would like, we can tailor a treatment plan within your comfort level to help you reach your individual health goals.

Techniques may include deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger points, stretching or more. It’s based on YOUR needs.

90 mins $160, 60 mins $120, 45 mins $100, 30 mins follow up $80

Hot Stone Massage for Relaxation

Relax and enjoy the indulgence of a hot stone massage.

We blend traditional relaxation massage with perfectly heated basalt stones to sooth your muscles and promote a sensation of deep relaxation. The warmth and weight of the stones paired with the flow of massage helps you to take a break from the cares of your life; assisting you to reset your body and mind.

90 mins $190, 60 mins $150

Remedial Massage with Hot Stones

Looking for something that is both good for you and feels great? Remedial Hot Stones may just what you need.

The thermal qualities of warmed stones are well known as a natural aid for muscle pain. Hot Stones for Remedial Massage gently and quickly eases deep muscular tension while still feeling like a treat. Combining temperature controlled stones with other remedial massage techniques can help get you moving and living your life more freely again. The use of hot stones can be particularly beneficial when you are experiencing a high level of muscle discomfort; the heat of the stones can soothe and release tension when other techniques may be less comfortable.

90 mins $190, 60 mins $150

Who is Hot Stone Massage for?

Nearly everyone enjoys the benefits and indulgence of a hot stone massage. If you enjoy cuddling up under a blanket on a Wintry day, then even more so.

Thermal treatments are not always appropriate for some people. If you are pregnant, had recent surgery, have open wounds, or have uncontrolled blood pressure, then it is not recommended you receive a hot stone massage at this time.

Some other health conditions and medications may mean we need to modify how the massage is performed, so please ensure you explain your current medical history to your qualified massage therapist. Please get in touch to discuss your specific health needs to see if hot stones are recommended for you.

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Help your business be seen as an employer of choice who shows they care for the well-being of their people. Staff sessions usually vary between 5 to 15 mins per person. There’s no need to remove clothing and massages can be in a under cover outdoor area or meeting room. Depending on work set up, it may even be done at each person’s work space to minimise business disruption.

Corporate massage treats neck and shoulder tension common with computer use. It helps staff approach problem solving tasks more calmly, lowers blood pressure and can increase attendance; no one wants to miss massage day!

Corporate massage is perfect for regular sessions as part of an on-going wellness programme, or a popular one-off staff reward for meeting targets / challenging deadlines. Talk to us to discuss a package to suit your business needs or to request an information pack.

Packages start from 2 hours. Contact us for a quote

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