The Benefit of Massage You Didn’t Expect

I was chatting with a client during a treatment the other day. They were telling me about the benefit they get from their remedial massage with me compared to other massages they’d had elsewhere. This particular client doesn’t see much value in a straight relaxation massage. They find it enjoyable enough at the time but they like the longer lasting benefits of remedial massage.  To them, remedial massage has a better return on investment.

Which is totally fine.

And you’ve probably heard me discussing before how some people steer clear from remedial massage and only enjoy relaxation massage, or vice versa for different people. I offer both types of massage treatment (and sometimes a combination of the two if that’s what works for you).

But it got me thinking…

As a society, do we undervalue the long-term benefits of taking time out to slow down?

We are living in a culture that seems to increasingly value the idea that being busy is best. How busy you are can be a status symbol. Being busy doesn’t measure how productive you are and being busy can sometimes be the kryptonite of productivity. I remember many days in my years working in a corporate industry where my calendar was full with compulsory back to back meetings with low value. At the end of these busy days I was mentally exhausted and didn’t have the energy to address my important tasks with the enthusiasm they deserved. On these days I was very busy, but unproductive. It didn’t matter that I worked long hours; I was still frustrated I wasn’t further ahead on my projects. And then I was tired. So very tired. All the time.

When we are switched on in busy mode for long periods of time, it can be hard to turn off. I’ve seen people who can’t wait for 30 seconds for the little green man to cross the road without the external stimulation of checking their phone. How often when you finally get to sit down on the couch at the end of the day do you feel restless and uncomfortable that you are not “doing something”? How easy do you find it to relax?

What about the benefits of actually relaxing?

In our increasingly busy lives, it gets harder and harder to rest. Between running my own business, juggling 3 young children and renovating our house, I can be guilty of not switching off. However, when I do switch off properly, I sleep better, I’m calmer, my thoughts are clearer and I have greater energy and more creative ideas. When I get back to “on” mode afterwards, I tend to be more efficient.

If you are not used to it, it can be quite challenging to stop and relax. I now lock in my down time and feel the benefits.  I book my own massage in advance (which also gives me something positive to look forward to) and allow a few times a week for some “nothing time” where I can do what I want without guilt. Sometimes it is to sit outside in the sunshine and absorb some beautiful vitamin D. Occasionally I will catch a quick nap or go out and browse the shops. Other times I will read and every so often I will put my alarm on (so I don’t go too long), shut my eyes and just breathe deeply.

There are proven health benefits of a relaxation massage.

Studies have shown the positive impact on lowering blood pressure, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, and improved quality of sleep. I have also used traditional relaxation techniques to help within a remedial massage to gently help people move more freely. In our increasingly distant society where we use our online profiles to keep physical distance, I believe even the element of human connection within a massage has immense benefit.

But one of the greatest benefits of massage is to have time where you officially permit yourself to stop. To relax. To unwind and let your mind and body be still and refreshed. These benefits last long after your massage appointment has ended.

If it’s time you allowed yourself to unwind, get in touch to book your massage. The return on your one hour investment might help your productivity, create in you a feeling of calmness and improve the quality of the rest of your week.

You know you need to ?

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